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Thursday, August 9th, 2018


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Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 12.41.27 PMLooking for a way to add some fun to your next event? Foto Frenzy Photo Booth is a unique way to provide long-lasting entertainment for your guests. As seen on the Foto Frenzy Photo Booth website:

“Our photo booths feature large interiors that can accommodate up to 8 people. They are designed and manufactured with steel framing with the latest in digital equipment to handle even the largest events with countless photo sessions. With our 37” exterior monitor, all your guest will get to see the live action unfold as it’s happening inside the photo booth.”

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 12.40.07 PM “Whether you are celebrating a Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday Party, Sweet 16, Quincearnera, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Company Party or any gathering that needs some fun, we can make it happen. As the saying goes, “what happens in the photo booth stays in the photo booth….well not anymore!”

Guest Blog by Snapbooth

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Are all Photobooths the same?

Hi My name is Mike Fazio I am the owner and operator of Snapbooth Entertainment a local photobooth company in the East Valley that has hosted over 1000 events. The passion for our company started after I had a photobooth at my wedding 5 years ago. It was the BIGGEST hit and Snapbooth was born.

Selecting a Booth:
When selecting a photobooth there are some great questions to ask and consider the features, advantages, and benefits of each booth.

There are three types of photobooths:

Open Air – Has a backdrop, not an enclosed booth, fits larger groups. Background options. These types of systems do not offer any privacy so if the group has some guests who might not like to be in the spotlight this is not the best fit for the group.

Sit Down Booth – These are the Old School booths that feature a bench or small area to fit 2-4 guests. There is usually some kind of step up and sit down bench. With this style booth you will get more facial expressions.

Stand-Up Fully Enclosed Booth – This is the booth we offer. It is fully enclosed with side curtain, so that 100 percent of the guests from the shy guests to the outgoing ones will use it. Our booth holds 4-8 guests and our record is 11 guests! All guests will fit, there are no limits of height, size, or wheelchairs, and everyone will fit in the stand up booth. Jump around, laugh, dance, it all happens in a stand up booth. You capture more full body gestures.

SPEED = Does it Matter? YES!!!
I have three kids of my own and let me tell you they are pretty impatient. When you are planning a Mitzvah or Any event. The speed of the booth can make or break the event.

Average booth in Arizona= 30-50 prints per hour

We have two printing options. Double prints is what everyone offers= 2 copies per session.

Our newest Feature takes your event to a New Level of Fun!

Wireless Remote Printing = Have you ever been to an event where the guests are arguing over who gets to take the photo home? This new feature eliminates that concern.

Wireless Remote Printing takes it to a whole new level! When you have a group of 4 go in the booth, we typically print 2 copies, 1 for the scrapbook and now 1 copy is left between 4 guests, well who gets it?

With our Wireless Remote Printing option this allows us to pre set the number of prints (with a wireless remote) before the guests enters so that if 4 guests go in we print 5 copies, 1 for each guest and 1 for the album. This speeds up the process, and allows EVERY guest to leave with a photo.

What this means = Our booth can get through 50 guests and hand out 60 photos in 15 minutes. (10 groups of 5) (1 copy for each guest+1 for the scrapbook per session)

Most booths would take up to ONE HOUR+ to do the same thing because the guests would have to go in 30 times! At past School Events and Mitzvahs we have printed between 600-800 prints in 3-4 hours! The average booth = 150-200 in 3-4 hours.  This does not mean it will always happen, however when the booth is rushed by those 50 guests they are in, out and back to the event. The booth adds to the event, not a distraction with a long line all night.

Bring on the Props!
Make sure your photobooth company includes a wide variety of props, hats, glasses, mustaches, and even some special props not found at the local party store. We bring Vintage Cell Phones, poloraid camera, picture frames and more. We also make our own Mustaches and make them for every event!

We will custom create a memory scrapbook with the guests photos and special memory. We only use 3M Acid Free Professional Adhesive Guns, Silver/Gold/Bronze Sharpie Brand Paint Pens, and provide all materials to complete the scrapbook that night.

Finished That Night!
We will complete the scrapbook, and flash drive that night. We offer free uploads the next day for the guests to download.

Mike Fazio